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On 1 and 2 April 2016 after 3 years since last WordCamp in Italy finally in Turin the Italian community has been shown to get busy.

Besides that we already speak to open other 3 WordPress meetup in Bari, Verona and Catania, but rewind the tape.
For those who do not know me personally or through internet I suggest reading my post Why I live/do with open? addition to about me.

April 1

Unfortunately I arrived late to the Contributor Day due the train from Rome to Turin so I could not do much other to close a ticket now outdated on the table dedicated to the Core Contributor.

Before my arrival Oleg presented my GlotDict extension for browser that adds the dictionaries to GlotPress.

For further information, after the thanks and compliments received, I wrote a post on polyglots blog with various information.

I take this opportunity to tell you that the next version plus support for the Italian will also have the French, Danish and German languages.

I am having arrived to the closure I could not do much, so I reached my colleagues (Andrea and Eugenio) and we went to the aperitif organized by WordCamp in the center of Turin.

In this relaxing moment I got to meet a lot of people in live finally, I’ve only talked online via the national community with them.

So the first day is flown between long chats not necessarily related to WordPress.

2 April
The second day was the highlight because of the multitude of things that I could do and follow.

First find out that the place of WordCamp includes Officine Arduino was electrifying, because on the same day was the Genuine/Arduino Day but we could not go there due to time issues.

Among the various sponsors with tables with gadgets was also WooThemes and I have finally the shirt over to Wapuu of the Italian community that was missing in my laptop.

Even my backpack has received some new pin.

The place also satisfied immediately my fanboy life as a collector of comics:

Even if they did not last long

Do not tell me that you do not know the kiosk as psychologist of Lucy Van Pelt of the Peanuts? (For those who do not know their real name I’m talking about Charlie Brown and Snoopy).

During preparations for my talk (looking for a ticket to fix in live during the presentation) it has been made a picture that has become a meme through a friend.

During the talk of John Blackburn dedicated to stability of WordPress as a platform we had several interesting data.

WordPress is used by 25% of global sites and maintains compatibility to PHP 5.2 although 9 years old why they use 5% of that 25%.

A detail very important that all of us hope in changes in the coming years because we all want to support the new functionality of PHP 5.3.

This slide was dedicated to the fight for an open web with various collaborators including Mozilla and OpenNews (a Mozilla project), which made me proud to be a Mozilla volunteer.

Another interesting talk was about 10 unknown functions of WordPress.

Follow the talk for me was a little when as children we share the stickers but here the case was different: I know that or am I missing.

The talk very motivational of Eugenio with slide

It made me think back to various jobs over the years in which I have seen the worst crap in WordPress but not only in programming but also as a sphere of knowledge area and use. I speak not only of customers but also of plugins or themes made without really knowing WordPress.

My talk was the last of the day but it was dedicated to how to create a patch for WordPress with an interactive demonstration of making a patch.

The first time I was doing the livecoding, even if minimal, and the responses to questions even in the evening and in the days I would say has had some success.

Notice how my laptop does not enter into the banquet because of its 17-inch.

I presented VVV and Vagrant and how it allows us to have a working environment ready for use by the developer without worrying about the technical details.

Some technical problems with the slides there was not being tested for a projector 16:9. I have to also work on this part. I hope this talk will be of help to everyone involved who want to get their hands dirty with code.

My slides are on http://mte90.github.io/Presentazione-WP-Patch/#/

Strange but true I finally several photos in which I do not strange grimaces and before someone of meme I done myself:

During the day I could chat to John Blackburn because I consider myself an ardent fan of Query Monitor and User Switching and chat about how to improve Query Monitor (I have already pointed few tickets here I could work).

During the day I could meet new and old friends (Andrea, Flavius, Davide etc.) and talk about everything and I came is already some ideas for a new browser extension to help wordpress contributors.


Note that the WordCamp was built by volunteers of various meetups (not just the one in Turin) has given us the right push to begin studying to build one in Rome. We talked with the organizers of other meetups and we exchanged our experiences also at the organizational level.

Several people asked me why I was interested in Mozilla because many see it only as Firefox while in reality is really much broader as a concept. As Mozilla community have to work on this.

At the same time I saw that the audience of a WordCamp is the same as a meetup and without advanced technical knowledge.
This detail has impressed me a lot considering that for me is a news (usually I go to technical events).

All this allows us to have a very close-knit community and free of many fixations, which usually are called flame to make it short.

So having a large pool of volunteers I have seen on slack as after the event on our slack channel of Italian WordPress community will have added many new users, subscribers and interested in our meetup of Rome.

The harmony of the Italian WordPress community is very strong thing that I see in other community to which I belong and this is making me think about how to improve them.

How SkillsAndMore we received many compliments that have encouraged us to continue with webinars while as Codeat continuing with our ideas in the field of WordPress.

See you next WordCamp, which we don’t know but sure it will be there!

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.356721854452050.1073741830.332582443532658

Speakers and me with my WordPress shirt and Mozilla sweatshirt.

The various talks were filmed and will be uploaded online at http://wordpress.tv/event/wordcamp-torino-2016/ indeed some are already available.

I remember the website of the Italian community: http://it.wordpress.org/

All the stuff released in this website, where the author is Daniele Scasciafratte, is under the GPL 2.0 license except when the resources have their licenses.

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