ExtStoreStats – Get stats of your browser extension

- Mozilla, Open Source

You are a browser extension developer but you don’t have idea of the progressing of downloads between browsers marketplace.

Chrome Web Store and Addons Mozilla have pretty cool statistics (I prefer the second one because give many informations) but you cannot cross that data.

So I looked for an API of that marketplace and discovered that Addons Mozilla has pretty cool API while Chrome Web Store don’t has a public API, so the only web is HTML scraping (ARGH).

So with Mozilla is possible to have many other information like the review numbers, the average etc, so yes Mozilla win!

Except the flame I created a python script that scan both marketplace and generate a json for every extension with the downloads, in the config file, of the script. Next generate an html file with graphs for every extensions, with the total!

The repo is on: https://github.com/Mte90/ExtStoreStats

To see the results: https://mte90.github.io/ExtStoreStats/

So the next step on your install to have a cron that every day execute index.py 🙂

All the stuff released in this website, where the author is Daniele Scasciafratte, is under the GPL 2.0 license except when the resources have their licenses.

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