Why I live/do with open – 2017 Edition

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One of the most successful items of my site Why i live/do with Open Source so I want do an updated version about last 2016 that led to many changes.

So I recommend you read the previous post to not lose his train of thought.

Why I can

These two words explain why I do it, because I can and you can do your part, in any context.

Deepening readings as the coaching but other managerial on working with others but mostly deal with others are the focal points.

One of the readings that I recommend is this Connected Devices: Contributor Experience Research, made by Mozilla, and it is a analysis of 27 volunteers about their life as contributor. A nice surprise was to discover that I was one of the 27, I find himself after a year to trying to understand who I am in that document, and to see if my thinking has changed, I think I’ve identified in P10.

The first point I would say that today has changed completely because the articles of this site prove it, we have increased participation and created new club as well as recruiting new volunteers.

The second one is not changed at all and prove my many interests as a programmer, but also to help out in other communities, and actually providing my experience and my way of seeing the approach.

In a nutshell I can do my part as a person because I can do it, regardless of the context where I can get more experience or less.

Because the experience is never enough

Last year I would have never thought of reading a book on Coaching or about the Agile method. Instead, things change and you are discovering new areas where we can enthuse reading something that seems boring.

Participate in the Community Leadership Summit was interesting to confront with others who are interested to run their own community.

When I speak at events with the younger people then me always I tell that the experience of group work and projects is important in working life but also as a person. This experience does not teach the books or an examination or an annoying client but working with people for a passion.

The passion allows to approach differently and more human as well as meet live the friends with whom you work online.

Why the comparison leads to great results

One of the great lessons of 2016 in open source was the comparison.

My pull request this year have received revisions and suggestions as before in the past were only approved, this will depend on why these were more advanced but perhaps also because I put myself listening and asking suggestions by the authors themselves. In this way I motivate them also to speed up the approval and making them partners in my work.

I tried this effect for the first time ever this year during hacktoberfest in some of my projects where I was I was doing revisions and gave suggestions.

From the point of view as Mozilla community in Italy there have been many changes that have allowed me to compare myself with other Italians to decide what to do together and the results are obvious.

In short, the comparison helps to achieve a broader and better result and the approach becomes the basis for subsequent activities. So each step becomes the basis and it is assumed to the next when you work in a team.

For the same reason it is important to continue to stay open and find new methods of involvement of others, we are still a community and then the group must expand, not shrink.

Also in the field as a speaker being part of a group that helps you compare and it is also important just to do two Italian gestures and explain how beautiful is the Open Web without talking about complicated things.

Live in other realities such as WordPress or Industria Italiana del Software Libero may seem a complication but it helps to discover new things and reality.

Why else would I get bored

It might be simplistic but have a life specially engaged in an area where their work meets their passion is a put on the stock exchange new knowledge.

The bored rather ugly and be committed lets be more satisfied with their results.

“With open source you not get bored, you can always find something to do” it is one of my key phrases when I try new volunteers and along with all this talk you can understand how important it is.

In a world where it’s hard to do their part, the open source supports this with a sheet of paper and an internet connection.

Why… Mamma Mia!

Because the group photo are the best one 😀

All the stuff released in this website, where the author is Daniele Scasciafratte, is under the GPL 2.0 license except when the resources have their licenses.

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