As you can see on my About or Mozillian pages I have a long experience as speaker. I started in 2013 on a Linux Day and after that I only improved my skills and knowledge. My philosophy is: “Every talk require a personal experience on the topic of different months”.

I maintain a list of my talks in Italian or English with videos and slide on GitHub.

Also I like to write reports of events where I am a speaker!


@moztechspeakers I am arrived to #sha2017

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This is the Fosdem 2017 where I am talking about browser extension in Brussels.

I love to do talk about Mozilla and WordPress about development but also contribute in many areas (like coaching for communities), also I do talk about open source philosophy or other technologies. I am always open a new idea for talks, indeed I maintain an open repo for suggestions.


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Daniele Scasciafratte is a 27 old Italian developer with many experiences on different open source projects and communities.

Short Bio

Daniele Scasciafratte sometimes called Open Source Multiversal Guy.

During the daylight he should work in his web agency, Codeat in Rome, and in the rest of the day collaborate in many open source projects for different type of activities.

Medium Bio

Daniele Scasciafratte, the Open Source Multiversal guy, he should work in his web agency, Codeat in Rome, and in the rest of the day collaborate in many open source projects.

During the office hours for the WordPress world is a Core Contributor, plugin developer, project translator editor.

He fight with the superpower of a Mozilla Rep and Mozilla TechSpeakers for an open web, is co-leading the participation team of Mozilla Italia and often is an Italian gestures speaker.

During the rest of day he loves collect comics and he started to learn other languages like Esperanto “Ni vidos vin ĉe tiu konferenco” and Spanish “Nos vemos en esta conferencia”!



Often outside the Italy people get surprise that I talk so much also outside the talk itself but because is in my DNA of a pure gesture speaker to talk a lot, especially when the topics are stuff where I care so much like the open source world.

In the 2016 I experienced for the first time to do talk not only about development but also how to join and improve a community or recruit easily volunteers and other stuff that are participation in a community.

My goal for 2017 is to improve my skills on participation not only with talks but also workshops but I will find out the next year if it will happen 🙂